Psychoyogi's music is a diverse mixture of instrumental colours, melodies, and words. The songs present social and political critique alongside personal moments and moods. In the words of Mike O'Toole (Beat Magazine) "Their sound is unparalleled and cannot be categorised. It is a rejection of docile adherence to a single musical style".


Next gig coming soon...

PsychoYogi has released the new album - Accident Prone. Take a listen over at Bandcamp

Digital downloads available at Bandcamp, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play. Posted CD versions can be purchased through Bandcamp or from us directly, use the contact form below.


'Accident Prone' is a forty minute musical journey through a warped but incredibly intelligent mind and you will be a changed person when you come out the other side after taking in the delights of songs such as Reasons To Pretend and Corporate Shoes with their knowing smiles and dry wit. - Progradar   read more

Arts and Farces
Delusions of Grandeur

Tempted now, feel the seduction, how we crave, seek satisfaction, lets exchange, make the transaction, make it last, just use a fraction.


New sensation, sweeps the nation, latest craze on multiscreen, mass production cash flow suction, gotta keep consumers keen.

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